ProMedica doctor calls new cancer treatment very promising

ProMedica doctor calls new cancer treatment very promising

SYLVANIA, OH (WTOL) - There is a promising new cancer treatment that uses a patient's own cells to attack cancer cells in their body. To find out if this treatment stands out above others, WTOL went to the Hickman Cancer Center at ProMedica Flower Hospital.

Dr. Kenneth Krupp has been treating cancer patients for 31 years. The oncologist is the interim director for the ProMedica Cancer Institute.

He heard about the new find by scientists, "CAR T-Cell treatment," that uses the cancer patient's immune system to attack cancerous cells.

Dr. Krupp said T-Cells are taken out of the patient's white blood cells and then in a lab, they are stimulated to grow and are given what's called an "effector mechanism" that acts like a lock.

Injected back into the bloodstream, the cells multiply and seek out cancer cells and locks up with them, causing cells to activate and kill off the cancerous ones.

The therapy has worked in cancer patients at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. A 16 year-old girl treated there was cancer free just four days later.

Dr. Krupp said the therapy has been most effective so far against leukemia and lymphoma and could work well in children and adults.

"I really do think they are on to something. How it will develop over time, we'll just have to see. Like you said, over time, some of the treatments and therapies that we thought were going to be the best thing, sometimes just didn't pan out. Time will tell but is it worth taking the step, based on the results? The answer is yes," Dr. Krupp said.

Researchers are trying to see if it also works on breast, colon and lung cancers.

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