Genoa to demolish historic railway station following fire

Genoa to demolish historic railway station following fire

GENOA, OH (WTOL) - The village of Genoa had just begun plans to renovate their old interurban railway system station when a fire broke out earlier this month. Now, the village has to tear the historic structure down.

The 125-year-old station was the site of the Interurban Trolley System many residents would take to get to Toledo.

The group "Save the Past" had approached village council with a plan to renovate the railway station to mark it's historic significance to the village. But then less than a week before their first meeting, the building caught fire.

Following a state fire marshal's investigation, the cause was determined to be arson.

Now, the district fire chief said the building is unsafe and must be torn down.

Village administrator Kevin Gladden said it has been an emotional turnaround from fixing up the historical building, to losing it in a matter of days.

"The mayor and I said to each other, 'you couldn't write a move script like this,' it was just incredible and shocking at the same time." said Gladden.

The Ohio Blue Ribbon Arson Committee is offering a $5,000 reward for any information leading to the identity of the person who started the fire.

Gladden said their is still a possibility of saving some bricks from the building to establish a historic monument for the station.

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