Cancer survivors, families sign floor of the St. Jude Dream Home

Cancer survivors, families sign floor of the St. Jude Dream Home

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - The St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway is in full-swing, and you still have a chance to get your ticket for a chance to win a beautiful $400,000 home.

It's great to see the amazing things you can get when you participate in this contest, but it's important to remember why the contest is going on in the first place.

The home is getting closer and closer to being completed, with crews standing by to put in the flooring.

Before the floor is put in, cancer survivors, their families and St. Jude sponsors had the opportunity to sign the floor of the Dream Home.

You won't be able to see their names after the floor is put in, but a piece of them will be there to signify why money continues to be raised every day for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

The floor signing was also able to connect the community with local St Jude patients, like Andrew. Andrew started having trouble balancing and doing everyday activities back in 2006.

A doctor's appointment later showed Andrew and his mother that he had a cancerous brain tumor. Four rounds of chemotherapy, 31 radiation treatments and ten years later, Andrew is cancer-free thanks to St. Jude.

Ralph Slaske of Slaske Building Company, the company building the Dream Home, said he is honored to be a part of this great cause.

"What a great organization," Slaske said of St. Jude. "We want all our kids to grow up and be adults, and not die of cancer. All those kids are stronger than I am."

St. Jude is a non-profit hospital. This means they make sure no family pays a dime towards their medical bills and housing expenses while a child is undergoing treatment, and they also share their research with other hospitals to ensure children everywhere get life-saving treatment.

It is important that St. Jude continues to receive donations so they can keep their doors open for all children in need, regardless of race, religion or financial situation.

Michael Hull from St. Jude encourages everyone to reserve their tickets for the Dream Home.

"At St. Jude's, we are changing the way the world understands, treats and defeats childhood cancer. You can help a child and get a home, it doesn't get much better than that," said Hull.

An open house will be held for the public to view the Dream Home and see what you could win if you reserve a ticket.

The open house is slated to be held in July.

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