Know how to avoid those pesky bites during mosquito season

MAUMEE, OH (WTOL) - Summer time means sunshine and spending time outdoors, but it also means dealing with pesky mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are most active between the months of May and September, and the hours they come out are during dusk and dawn.

Mosquito Terminators owner Jerry Welker said he gets the most calls during the time of year when the weather starts heating up.

"Late May, early June, once people get outside and notice there are a lot of mosquitoes," Welker said. "They can't sit outside or they're afraid of their kids getting bit. Some people are allergic and their bites get big."

Welker also said that mosquitoes are the number one killer of people in the world because they carry diseases such as the Zika virus.

"Not so much here in the United States, but definitely in underprivileged parts of the world," said Welker.

West Nile disease is the biggest threat Ohio residents have to worry about, although those cases are rare.

Mosquitoes are also the carrier of heat worm for dogs.

The best way to avoid getting bit is to wear long pants and shirts and close-toed shoes, wear dark colored clothing and use repellent that has the chemical deet in it.

It is also suggested to try to eliminate standing water in your yard, and to get your yard sprayed by people who are professionally licensed.

Welker said the synthetic chemical that his company uses to spray yards lasts for about three weeks.

However, some people are simply just more susceptible to getting bit by mosquitoes.

Depends on the scent that people give off. People who drink beer seem to be more susceptible to mosquito bites too," Welker said.

You can visit here if you're interested in getting your yard sprayed to avoid mosquitoes this summer.

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