Local Muslim man reacts to London mosque attack

Local Muslim man reacts to London mosque attack

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Local Muslims are reacting to the horrific attack outside of a mosque in London. And they are fighting back with words of peace.

They don't want the attack to stop local Muslims or anyone in our community from standing up against it.

Adam Smidi is a member of the Masjid Saad Foundation, a mosque in Sylvania. He helped organize a rally at the mosque in February, to show unity after President Trump's call for a travel ban that many felt was targeting Muslims.

Smidi said unity is needed even more, after the attack outside of the London mosque. He said that after the latest attack and the recent deadly bombing at a concert in Manchester, that anyone is a target, anywhere and that violent or extreme or ignorant people are behind these incidents.

Smidi said he doesn't know if the London attack was a hate crime, but he is worried because Muslims here and around the world are at the mosque regularly now since it's the month of Ramadan.

"The key is to keep your head up, to keep collaborating with folks, to keep meeting with people and to keep spreading the truth of whatever it is that's being targeted, whether it's Islam or whether it's another minority group," Smidi said.

Smidi said the London attack won't stop him from going to the mosque or introducing himself as a Muslim.

He also believes that reaching out and developing relationships and influencing people around you, can have a ripple effect and even change some minds towards peace.

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