Puppies travel from Qatar to northwest Ohio for better life

Puppies travel from Qatar to northwest Ohio for better life

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Bea and Toro are Northwest Ohio's newest residents.

"They are taken by everything, the grass, the sidewalks, leaves, they were playing with and trying to eat leaves, so it's been a real treat to be able to go get them," said Robin Marrufo.

These puppies came all the way from Doha, Qatar.

"Gulf canine connections contacted us and asked if we would help them out so they ended up flying the dogs from Qatar to Chicago", said April McCurdy with the Wood County Humane Society.

Gulf canine connections have saved 50 puppies from January to June 2017.

A 15-hour flight and a 5-hour drive seems tough but the travel time is worth it for them to live a better life. The dogs were found living without food or water, in some unbearable conditions.

"They have black fur, and they were in a desert environment on the city streets, the regular temperature I guess is about 105/110 so their outlook wasn't very optimal", said Robin Marrufo.

Robin Marrufo is the volunteer who picked them up.

The two dogs were taken last night from Chicago O'Hare to South Bend where they spent the night before Marrufo picked them up Monday.

Marrufo said she felt like she saved two lives.

"It's pretty special, and I hope whoever gets them appreciates everything that they've been through already," said Marrufo.

Humane Society leaders said both dogs need to be checked out by a vet, and then spayed/neutered before they are listed for adoption.

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