Findlay High School honors graduates currently enlisted in the military

Findlay High School honors graduates currently enlisted in the military

FINDLAY, OH (WTOL) - One local high school found a way to honor their graduates who are serving in the military to hopefully to inspire current students as well.

Findlay high school has established a picture board of all active duty military alumni inside of the school's main lobby for all visitors and current students to see. The photo board, featuring all five military service insignia and space for 90 pictures was installed during the last week of school.

Currently, only six photos have been added, but the high school has about 60 names of school graduates currently enlisted into active duty to add over the summer.

The display is the only thing lit with floodlights overnight, so passersby can see it from the road.

The school has always taken pride in military veterans from their school, but wanted to do something extra for the recent graduates who are still in the service.

"We have them in for dinner, and the student council serves them dinner, and we have music groups playing music for them. And we also have a pops concert, they get free tickets to the concert. but I wanted something for current military personnel who the students would actually recognize their names and know who they were." said Findlay high school principal Craig Kupferberg.

Anyone who knows a Findlay high School graduate who should be displayed on the board, are encouraged to call the Findlay High School office at 419-425-8304 and have an eight by en color photo ready to be hung.

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