Plane rides for kids perfect way to celebrate Dad's Day

Plane rides for kids perfect way to celebrate Dad's Day
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

SWANTON, OH (WTOL) - It was the perfect way to celebrate Father's Day with dad, the Plane Fun Festival at the Toledo Executive Airport.

That's exactly what Brett Wolfe was doing with his three daughters.

"It's great to see them having fun, doing something new and exciting. The best Father's day gift for me is seeing them having fun so what could be better," said Brett.

Not only did they get to spend the day with dad, they got to be 1,500 feet above the ground looking down on the area.

"I was really scared, I don't know why but then it was calm when I was up there, very relaxing," said Brett's daughter Peyton.

While spending time in the sky the girls got to learn about aviation through the Young Eagles program.

"A Young Eagle ride allows a child from 8 to 17 to take an introductory ride, flying with a pilot. They get a log book and certificate saying they got to do it," said pilot Bill David.

It was the perfect way to spend make Father's Day memories.

"It's a great program, it doesn't cost any money. They get to have a great time doing something they don't get to do every day. This is something special they get to do," said Brett.

The Plane Fun Festival has been going on for more than 30 years, and Bill David looks forward to it every year.

"The favorite part about the event for me is the look on the kids' faces after you give them a ride. Once they come down from this ride they are just excited," said Bill.

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