Helps continues for victims of Toledo apartment fire

Helps continues for victims of Toledo apartment fire

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The help continues to flow in for victims of Tuesday's Wachter apartment building fire.

On Saturday there was a fundraiser with bands, beer and BBQ for them along Adams Street. One of the hot spots was Manhattans.

Folks left homeless are the fabric of this community. Their neighbors are here to help as well as the bars and restaurants they frequent.

"If we can raise some money to try to get them some money for a security deposit on a new apartment or furniture, that will certainly go a long way to get them get whole again" according to Zach Lahey of Manhattans.

The 21 residents lost everything they own and are trying to get back on their feet. It's hoped $10,000 will be raised for them.

"If we can't support each other then what's it all about?" said Catherine Schrein.

"I think it's really important to be a part of the community and help each other out at a place like this," said Ashlee Layman.

Also, a fundraising drive for clothing, toiletries and feminine and hygiene products has been put on hold because drop off points like Handmade Toledo have been overwhelmed.

But gift cards and money are still being accepted.

"The Village on Adams has created a private Facebook page for the tenants impacted by the fire. So that's how we're staying in connection with them on how we'll distribute the donations," said Megan Aherne of Handmade Toledo.

It's all another example of how the worst of times can bring out the best of people in Toledo.

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