Aaliyah Smith's biological family react to her accused killer's plea deal

Aaliyah Smith's biological family react to her accused killer's plea deal

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Bridgette White, the woman accused of killing four-year-old Aaliyah Smith, entered an Alford plea  Thursday morning.

As White was escorted out of court, Aaliyah's biological grandfather was seen standing up, visibly distraught. He was asked to sit down by police.

Along with her grandfather, other biological family members of Aaliyah were seen in court Thursday.

“Today was the first day I've actually met her paternal grandfather, I guess it's my understanding he's been appearing in court hearings, but he has not contacted us," said Assistant Lucas County Prosecutor Frank Spryszak.
With problems of who had custody of Aaliyah, court proceedings were made difficult, especially since White was considered a caretaker.
“There's some extended family members of Aliyah that met with co-council and I early on, her biological mother has not contacted us at all,” said Spryszak.
One of the extended family members who were present, is an aunt to Aaliyah's father, Jetta Packer.
"This pretrial stuff is just a waste of time until you actually have a trial,” said Packer. “They haven't talked to the family and I don't think it’s because they couldn't reach anybody."
Packer said she is just ready for White to serve her time.
"She's sentenced for the rest of her days, she cost Aaliyah her life so it's only fair that she not have one outside of this society,” said Packer.
White’s sentencing is scheduled for July 28.

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