New jobs coming to Toledo, potential workers must be drug free

New jobs coming to Toledo, potential workers must be drug free

There has been a lot of excitement and energy flowing through the city since Cliff's Natural Resources announced they would build their new plant in Toledo.

The question now is, what will it take to get the workforce ready to fill the incoming jobs?

"We'll get with the corporation ahead of time well in advance. They'll give us what they want in training. We'll go out get the workforce and train them to their specifications,"  said Pete Gerken the Toledo Lucas County Commissioner.

Training potential workers however can't happen unless a drug test is passed.

"We said this on the Dana plant. We said this at every meeting. You've gotta be drug free. Not just opiates, you've got to quit smoking weed to get a job that will change your life. Just put it down. You can do it, " said Gerken.

Helping people navigate on the road to recover in order to get a job can be long one, but it can help change someone's life.

"The thing that we like to try to do is teach them a higher priority is employment, their home their family," said Bob Sutton a coordinator at Job Developer Zepf Center.

Some residents of the east side and retire manufacture workers say these new jobs could help those struggling with addiction for purpose.

"You know there's a lot of people out there that need work, that deserve it, that want to work," said Darryl Ribby an east Toledo resident who works in construction.

There is available help for anyone struggling with addiction in the area. As with most things being accomplished, it's up to the individual to take the first step to recovery to be able to get a job.

"If you have that much time during the day to find out where you're going to get high from next, put that much time into going and filling an application out next. You know, it ain't rocket science."

More information about resources for work ready programs can be found here.

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