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Summer Extravaganza camp puts kids on positive path

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Sometimes when kids have downtime, they get into trouble. However, a summer program in Toledo offers kids a place to go this summer and have some fun. 

"I need to do my part in society and step up to the plate and find an opportunity for kids who were slipping through the cracks," said Keith Jordan, the Director of Development and Vice President of JLJ Vision Outreach. 

Jordan made a big change in 2005, retiring from Ford at the age of 32 and starting JLJ Vision Outreach.

It's a mentoring program for kids who have been in trouble. Jordan says the program truly works.

"A lot of the kids that you would see in the program, when you see them five and six years after the fact, you would not even believe they were kids who had those disabilities," Jordan explained.

JLJ Vision Outreach is in 13 schools in the Toledo-area, working one-on-one with kids. 

"Try to find what might be the root of a problem," said JLJ Vision Outreach mentor, Nick Mandros. 

During the summer, JLJ Vision Outreach becomes a camp called Summer Extravaganza.

The camp is six weeks for kids ages 5 to 16. It begins June 26 and runs through August 4. The camp is Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

The camp will include a lot of fun, but it's about more than that. There are three main pillars of the camp: Character development, education enrichment and physical fitness. 

"We want to teach our kids how to grow and develop into good citizens," said JLJ Vision Outreach program director Stayce Fowler.

The camp also includes a number of field trips, like to college campuses for the older kids. 

"They need to see what other kids are aspiring to and what they can aspire to, if they put the effort in," said Fowler.

If you'd like to sign your kids up, call 419-322-5757 or visit the JLJ website.

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