Bowling Green residents reflect on the American flag

Bowling Green residents reflect on the American flag

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - June 14 is also known as "Flag Day". To celebrate this special day, neighbors in downtown Bowling Green gathered together to reflect on the American flag as they recited the pledge of allegiance.

A speaker at the gathering said ""It represents not just the United States as a whole, the entire country, but it's the citizens of every age, creed and color."

It has been 240 years since the US flag became the symbol of the nation. And Bowling Green has made it a yearly tradition to honor just that.

"Being able to honor the flag is just a good way to show our commitment to our country and right now I think we need a lot of commitment to our country, we have many problems that can be solved, if all of us work together to solve them," said Rebecca Bhaer of Bowling Green.

Bhaer thinks the nation is beginning to forget the meaning of the flag. Her hope is that everyone will learn to respect each other's differences like she believes the residents in Bowling Green.

"In this town, that's not a problem, in this town and in this county, we do work together and get a lot done as a result," said Bhaer.

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