Toledo community pulls together to help Wachter Building fire victims

Toledo community pulls together to help Wachter Building fire victims

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - "What can I do to help?" is the question the Toledo community is asking when referring to Tuesday's massive fire at the Watcher Building in uptown Toledo.

The uptown community's initial reaction to the fire was shock, since this was their first experience with tragedy.

"There were people on the street, on the sidewalks on the corners, people were watching, people were crying. But within the first 30 minutes to an hour we all just came together and started getting supplies together," said Megan Aherne with Handmade Toledo.

The same effort carried over into the next day. Only about 100 yards away from the charred building, Handmade Toledo set up shop as a drop off location for much needed supplies.

"We've had a ton of donations! Toledo is really coming through," said Aherne.

The Attic and House of Dow on Adams Street also volunteered space for collections throughout the day Wednesday.

"When you hear about something that happened in the community, whether you work down there or you live down there you feel like you have to do something, because you feel like without community, who are we? I know I only donated a little bit but I'm hoping at the very least a little bit can go a long way," said donating community member Sean Koogan.

The Attic which sits right across the street from the Watcher Building, is also planning a fund raising event Saturday, June 17, with proceeds going towards fire relief.

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