Microblading becoming popular in Toledo; facilities need to be licensed

Microblading becoming popular in Toledo; facilities need to be licensed

LUCAS COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - You've probably seen it flipping through beauty magazines, the latest craze in eyebrow care called microblading.

"They basically have a brand new look," said Julie Golba, owner of So Real Studio in Toledo.

Microblading is one of the services she and her esthetician, Gina Long, offer.

"Very small cuts with the blade go in the skin and then the pigment gets pushed inside that very small cut," said Long.

The experts say it doesn't hurt and perfectly shaped eyebrows last one to three years. So Real Studio is one of 28 places licensed to do microblading in Lucas County.

"It's really popping up in our local community," said Jennifer Gottschalk, the Environmental Health Supervisor with Toledo-Lucas County Health.

By state law, not only does the artist need to have yearly approval from the health department to operate, the entire facility does. The Toledo-Lucas County Health Department has a pretty detailed process on how to get that approval. It's the same procedure as any business that does body art, like tattooing.

The Health Department says it's important that these facilities follow the rules so tools aren't contaminated with infectious diseases.

"You'll see hepatitis ... you're looking at that. You're looking at HIV. Also, we're looking making sure your tables and procedure rooms are clean so we don't have any type of skin infection," said Gottschalk.

If you're going to a place to have microblading done, look for an approval letter in the facility. If you don't see one, ask for it or call the health department.

Golba says she was happy to go through the approval process.

"We want to be a good steward to our clients," she said.

Toledo-Lucas County Health says professionals offering microblading in a medical facility, like a plastic surgeons office, don't have to be licensed through the health department. They follow medical facility rules instead. People receiving services in those facilities need a doctor's order or prescription and those services will be performed under the supervision of a doctor in the facility.

In-home facilities are illegal, so be aware of that. See a full list of approved facilities here.

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