The Attic taking donations for Wachter Building fire victims

The Attic taking donations for Wachter Building fire victims

Several local business are accepting donations to assist the people who lost everything in the Wachter Building apartment fire Tuesday.

The Attic on Adams Street was stocked with clothes, toiletries, personal items and bottled water after the fire started Tuesday night.

"This neighborhood is such a community that we had people bringing donations a half an hour after the fire had started," said Amelia Jarret, general manager of the attic.

Jarret said that the non-profit village has enough clothes to last for a few days.

They are now asking for gift cards and cash donations.

"So many clothes and so many non-perishables have already been donated to get people through the next week, but for the long term we're looking for more gift cards and furniture and that type of things," Jarret said.

The village is also asking for phone chargers, computers, speakers and televisions.

"The things to help reset their lives," Jarret said.

A fundraiser will be set up on Adams Street to help out the displaced on June 17.

You can help out these tenants by bringing your donations there.

The village also has a donation button on their page.

You can visit here to make an online donation.

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