Michigan town working to get funding for the arts

Michigan town working to get funding for the arts

. - Lenawee Now members from the Arts Alliance came to talk to community members Tuesday about how they can apply for small gr ants to support the arts in their area.

Because funding for the arts is dwindling, communities are getting creative.

"You know with budgets these days from the state or federal level what hand you're going to be dealt," said Tyler Dotson, Blissfield Economic Developer. "Again we need to do more with less and we need to find any all opportunities we can to bring those ideas bring resources home to Blissfield and make an impact on our community."

The Arts Alliance gave a free workshop to teach advocates how to write gr ants for funding provided by the Michigan council for arts and culture.

"By providing this money it's also enriching the community and that's really what we want to get across because quality of life is important," said Natalie Hensle of the Arts Alliance.

Blissfield is looking to bring beauty and culture to their historic town.

"An idea we're considering is a mural project among some art sculpture work, addressing some plants, flowers, shrubs and really creating a place that people want to be a part of," said Dotson

The two gr ants that were discussed Tuesday do have deadlines in the month of August. For more information, follow this link.

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