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Flint residents deliver 'you owe me' notes to Snyder, Schuette

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Dozens of Flint residents went to Lansing on Tuesday to deliver a message to state officials.

They left more than 1,000 notes for the governor and attorney general.

The residents said they are thirsty for safe drinking water and they are demanding. They hand delivered "you owe me" letters stuffed into empty water bottles straight to Gov. Rick Snyder and Attorney General Bill Schuette.

"We really wanted to share like the voices of Flint," said Nayyirah Shariff, director of Flint Rising.

Shariff organized the drop off. She said all of the heart felt notes are centered around what the state government owes the people.

"We are still owed healthcare. We are still owed money to replace our appliances and we are still paying a premium price for toxic water," Shariff said.

The group dropped off boxes full of messages and things got heated. The demonstrators demanded answers at the door.

Eeshyia King said representatives from the governor's and attorney general's office didn't exactly pay up. She said they were allowed to drop off their delivery, but then had to leave.

King said the state leaders owe her for all of the worry.

"What affect will it have on me? In the future what will happen to my children? What will they be like? Will they have defects and disabilities," King said.

As for Shariff, she believes elected officials have dragged their feet long enough and she wants action. She plans on pushing even more to fix Flint.

"A fair water campaign to really like dive into what water justice means for Flint," Shariff said.

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