Call 11 For Action gets results at old library site

Call 11 For Action gets results at old library site

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Call 11 for Action put the city under the microscope on Friday, because it failed to take care of a property it owns in an east side neighborhood. There was a new development over the weekend.

Within hours of Call 11 for Action getting involved, the closed library property is no longer an eyesore.

On Friday, we showed you how the old Locke Library branch was covered in weeds and high grass. It is the same property, at Main and Greenwood, that we told the city about last July.

Neighbors let us know that it went back into disrepair this spring, but after we pushed the city for action, it now looks much better.

A two-man crew came out on Saturday with a mower and weed wacker. The high weeds are gone and most of the trash and a beat up bicycle have been hauled away.

A broken window above the front door has not been boarded up yet but these are big improvements for this neighborhood.

A city spokesperson told us on Friday that the property is on a mowing schedule but it hadn't been touched this year until Call 11 For Action got involved.

Dave Degener hopes the city doesn't forget again, because how the property looks now, is what his neighborhood should always look like.

"It's not so scary. You don't have to worry about somebody jumping out at you or an animal coming out and biting you because you got too close to their home or whatever they were making in all the high weeds and thick brush," Degener said.

We didn't hear back from the city on Monday on whether the property will be a priority for mowing. The spokesperson told us on Friday that there has been interest in the property, which the city has been marketing and trying to sell.

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