Future of Davis-Besse Power Plant remains uncertain

Future of Davis-Besse Power Plant remains uncertain

OAK HARBOR (WTOL) - A bailout for the aging Davis-Besse Power Plant failed to pass in the state legislature.

First Energy said the bailout was necessary to continue to provide clean dependable energy to consumers. Opponents said the bailout would fall on the shoulders of the customer.

"It's brought together an unusual groups of people opposing it," said Pete Gerken, Lucas County Commissioner. "Everything from the Ohio manufacturers association to the Ohio Consumers council and they're usually never on the same side of a bill are both on this. I don't think it has legs it's got to have a different solution."

The Ohio House halted testimony last month.

The plan called for a special fee charged to customers that First Energy says is necessary to secure the future of the Davis-Besse and Perry plants.

The two facilities produce 14 percent of Ohio's electricity.

The village administrator of Oak Harbor says the plant provides power and 2,000 jobs for the area.

"The plant itself we have no problems with the plant," said Randy Genzman. "We see it being able to generate deep into the future. And I think it will be a product source to generate for NW Ohio."

Commissioner Gerken said bailing out a failing operation is not best option for the customers.

"Every small business, every large business, your residential bill is going to go to support a corporation that hasn't managed their asset well," Commission Gerken said.

The Davis-Besse power plant continues to provide electricity to sub stations like the one on Water Street in downtown Toledo.

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