Couple has pride flag stolen before Pulse anniversary

Couple has pride flag stolen before Pulse anniversary

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Remembering the lives of the victims of the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting a year ago Monday by lining their street with pride flags.

The man behind this effort says he is disappointed to hear that someone's pride flag was taken from their home.

"That's just defacing the flag," said Joel Groover, Old Orchard Resident. "You know, love is love. We want everyone in Toledo to be very accepting. I just think it's really sad that they would take someone's personal property."

The couple whose flag was taken Friday posted about it in the Old Orchard Block Watch Facebook page. They say it is an unsettling feeling and hope it was just a one-time incident.

Jenni Belt an attorney and social equality advocate says the couple did the right thing getting the word out.

"It's important to let your neighbors know when things are going on," Belt said. "Hopefully this is an isolated event but one of the things that we as a community are becoming increasingly intolerant of is intolerance."

Groover hopes the 24 flags he purchased and gave to his neighbors will be an example of tolerance.

He said the flags will be taken down at the end of June so people can put up their American flags for the Fourth of July Flags.

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