Laws against fireworks in Ohio could expire in December

Laws against fireworks in Ohio could expire in December

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - There are just three weeks to go until the peak of the fireworks season. But did you know laws in place now, could go away in December?

No one wants to be a buzz kill over the summer holidays. You have to celebrate the 4th of July. And even though shooting them off is illegal in Ohio, people are still getting hurt.

The shelves are stacked full at Phantom Fireworks on Route 2 in Curtice.

You are allowed to buy fireworks in Ohio, but customers have to sign a paper promising  they will take them out of the state within 48 hours and use them somewhere else.

Perrysburg fire chief Jeff Klein knows many people are not following the law, so he's pushing for House Bill 226. It would force stores to hand out safety glasses and pamphlets on how to stay safe.

"We need to get the face of injuries and negative things that have happened, out to people so they really understand this isn't something that happens to your neighbor. This is something that is potentially going to happen to you and it's preventable," Chief Klein said.

Chief Klein testified last week in Columbus that the bill will help cut down on the injuries.

Phantom Fireworks is already doing that with safety information next to the products on the shelves.

And right by the cash registers, they have free safety goggles for customers and reminders to wear gloves and have a water source nearby.

"We want them to know whatever they buy, that when they go home, they can use it safely. They know how to use it safely, and we give them instructions on every item that we sell, how to use it safely," said Cheri Junga, the manager of the Phantom Fireworks in Curtice.

Current fireworks laws expire on December 15. Chief Klein said he hopes House Bill 226 will keep them in place or make them stronger.

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