Over 120 years later, fire captain who died fighting one of Toledo's biggest fires ever is remembered

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Firefighters who lost their lives in the line of duty were remembered on Friday at the Toledo Firefighters Memorial, including one fire captain whose remains were never found after a fire took his life in 1894.

Captain James Fraser died fighting one of the biggest fires in Toledo history.

A fire in 1894 at the King-Quale Elevator , which once stood at the site of Promenade Park, took his life, but today very few know his heroic story.

"From what I could tell, nobody knew about it," said Doug Tracy, great grandnephew of Captain James Fraser. "Here's this brave firefighter. His remains are right in the center of Promenade Park where people are walking by all the time and they have no idea."

Before it was Promenade Park, which is now transitioning into ProMedica's headquarters, it was Captain Fraser's final resting place.

"Again as life moves forward... we always need to go back and remember those who made sacrifices in life," said Randy Oostra, President, CEO of ProMedica. "So it's kind of a full cycle. You remember the past, Your prepare for the future."

Captain Fraser's memory will not be lost.

A memorial plaque will bring his story to life and commemorate him at the new Promedica Headquarters.

"They've actually reserved a space for it," said Tracy. "It's not literally at the intersection of Water and Madison streets which used to be dead center in the park, because those two streets are gone now. But it's just off to the side but they've dedicated an area. So it's been absolutely wonderful,"

Captain Fraser's great grandnephew said the marker is likely to go up and have a dedication in late summer.

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