Call 11 For Action: Neighbors are asking Toledo to cut Locke Library's grass again

Call 11 For Action: Neighbors are asking Toledo to cut Locke Library's grass again

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - You are spending a lot of time cutting your grass but is the city doing its part? An East Toledo man says they're falling short and he contacted the Call 11 For Action team.

It has been almost a year since neighbors first called us out to the old Locke Library, a city-owned property at Main and Greenwood.

There were overgrown weeds and grass all over the property. We pushed the city to act and crews came out a couple of days later and cleaned it up.

But today, it's overgrown again. A property the city owns and is clearly trying to sell, is overrun by high weeds, trash, and even a bicycle.

"Probably like we found out last year, it's one of them properties that fell through the cracks and I guess it still fell through the cracks," said Dave Degener when asked about his thoughts that the city allowed it to get like that again.

Degener said he called the city twice as far back as May 31 and he then called WTOL for help. Last week he heard glass break and discovered a window above the old front door was shattered.

"Birds, anything can go in there," he said.

A city spokesperson told us the old library property is on a cyclical mowing schedule and there is a pending work order and it should be mowed soon.

But we asked why it wasn't cut earlier, especially after the same thing happened last July.

The spokesperson said the city is not up to the standard it would like to be and is trying to get through a large number of high grass cases, but crews are getting pulled away because homeowners aren't cutting their grass.

Degener said he hopes they find their way back here.

"I love the city of Toledo. They do a good job but this shouldn't happen."

The Call 11 For Action team will let you know when the mess is gone.