Perrysburg's diverging diamond construction about to enter new phase

Perrysburg's diverging diamond construction about to enter new phase

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - Unless you've been living under an orange barrel then you probably know about the diverging diamond construction in Perrysburg.

After the weekend, drivers can expect big back ups on State Route 25, so enjoy the road while you can.

"This area gets congested, particularly at rush hour or days before the holidays when everybody is out doing things. But I'm sure the end result may be something positive that will help in the long run," said Barbara from Waterville.

It's been in the works for months, but starting Monday, the northbound and southbound lanes of State Route 25 over I-475 will be reduced to one lane for construction.

And let's just say, most drivers who take this road are none too pleased.

Cathy from Findlay makes the trip just to go to Costco, but once these lane restrictions start, she may be finding a new place to shop.

"We'll think twice before coming up, I'll tell you that, because it'll add a lot of time to our travel," said Cathy.

Other drivers are willing to be patient with the construction, but wouldn't mind a little more information on the project.

Where are they getting the money? What's the time frame? Not just the end result time frame but step-by -step," said Barbara.

Well, what we can tell you is this:  This portion of the project is estimated to take about a month before ramp closures begin mid-July.

Once ramp closures begin, the estimated time of completion for the entire project will be late September.

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