Money Talks News: Picking proper professionals

Money Talks News: Picking proper professionals
(Source: WTOL)

Money Talks News - Unfortunately, buying a house in real life is nowhere near as simple as home-buying TV shows make it seem. There is however one thing that can make it easier: Hiring the right help.

Before the search for the right house begins, it's better to look for the right professional first. The first professional to seek help from is an experienced mortgage expert.

Check how long they've been in the industry, what specialize in such as purchases and refinances. The variety of specialties puts them in a different caliber. Check and see if they know the various programs that are offered.

It's also important to get referrals from friends or look online for mortgage professional. Make a list, then start asking questions. Talk to several and see who gives the best answers.

The second professional that will help make buying a home easier is a real estate agent.

Just as with a mortgage professional, before choosing a rea estate agent, talk to a few and check their reviews.

Websites such as,, are all places where they can have consumer reviews posted.

Pick three prospective agents, compare answers and form an educated opinion of who's best.

Typically, these professionals are paid indirectly and work on commission. It's important to understand everything that is going on. Asking questions is key.

Success is often a team effort, so before house-hunting, it's a good idea to have the team together on one accord. For information on home buying, visit the Money Talks News Website and search for "Home Buying."

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