Springfield Township trustees oppose new TARTA tax

Springfield Township trustees oppose new TARTA tax

SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP, OH (WTOL) - Springfield Township trustees voted unanimously to oppose the new TARTA tax this morning.

City leaders said that something has to change if the TARTA buses were going to stay up and running.

It is going to cost more money to keep TARTA running in and around the Toledo area.

TARTA wants a sales tax to support its work.

A new change in sales tax in Lucas County, from 7.25 percent to 7.75 percent, could generate $30 million dollars that would support all TARTA services and street repair.

But those townships and municipalities which have the bus service have to approve the measure before it appears to voters.

"We want to make it clear the Springfield Township trustees is in opposition to putting sales tax on the levy supporting TARTA. Springfield Township has never felt it's been appropriate for our residents to have to spend that amount of money," said Bob Bethel, Springfield Township trustee.

Trustees instead voted in favor of their resolution which expresses the township government's urgent and definite opposition towards a county-wide sales tax increase to fund TARTA.

Tarta General Manager James Gee said he hopes other communities see what he believes are the benefits of this sales tax.

"First of all, it's going to eliminate 2 and a half mills of property tax for those who are paying it, secondly, it's going to provide county wide access to public transit for those who need it such as TARPS, our service for the disabled," said Gee.

In order for the issue to go on the ballot, a majority of the communities served by TARTA need to approve the proposal by August. Gee said Springfield is not one of those members.

"They cannot legislatively block placing the issue on the ballot, ultimately it's up to the voters to decide how they would like to be taxed, if they would prefer property tax or sales tax," said Gee.

The measure is scheduled to be on the ballot in November.

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