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Perrysburg re-dedicates Riverside Park

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Riverside Park in Perrysburg on River Road is officially open to the public.

Perrysburg officials and residents have been debating what to do for years, but now residents can enjoy the views overlooking the Maumee River. Despite the excitement of some, others are still waiting to be wowed.

The re-dedication of Riverside brought out more than a hundred people to check out the new park. Community members had mixed reviews on the park. Some loved it while others felt it could have been better.

"It's positive and negative, I will say that," said Linda Judson.

"It's amazing, it looks beautiful," said Erica VanHooser.

"Overall I think it's okay, like I said,” explained Chip Fleghaar. “I'm not enthused about it, but I mean it is, it's okay."

Plans for the park have been discussed for several years, but construction began last summer. Residents say the dramatic change turned out better than they were anticipating.

"You drive by, you couldn't even tell a difference of what was here before,” said Erica VanHooser, a Perrysburg resident. “Now you look at it and you want to come and visit and that's really why we stopped, to see what it looks like and it's beautiful."

"It's going to be quite a change,” said Dan Judson, who lives along River Road. “Hopefully it will be used as much as everybody anticipates."

Perrysburg's mayor says Riverside's re-dedication was a wonderful culmination to a lot of hard work, hard work residents say must continue.

"People gravitate towards the water, they gravitate to an area that's relaxing yet fun and that's what we tried to do,” said Mayor Mike Olmstead. “We laid an infrastructure backbone here with plenty of flex space for people to get creative and come up with different things to do."

"I think this is a heck-of-a lot of concrete to be honest with you,” said Chip Pfleghaar, a Perrysburg resident. “If you can see all the grass that's been planted here and down on the hill, it's a lot of maintenance."

Perrysburg officials say maintenance is no question. They also say work will continue at other parks in the city including Riverside.  Up next there? Paving the multi-use path near the river.

"We're looking forward to the pathway being done and seeing people enjoy the riverfront," said Linda Judson.

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