Firework laws differ between Michigan and Ohio

Firework laws differ between Michigan and Ohio

BEDFORD, MI (WTOL) - It's getting to be that time of year again when fireworks are a big hit. In Michigan the laws are different than in Ohio.

At Uncle Louie's Fireworks store, employees spend much of their time educating consumers on what they can and can't do.

"In Ohio, we can sell the same fireworks however it is illegal to set fireworks off in Ohio. You can do anything that's considered safe and sane," said Lee Strahan, the manager at Uncle Louie's Fireworks.

Safe and sane means the fireworks you see at a local grocery store.

"In Ohio you can do the snappers, the dancing butterflies," said Strahan.

Ohio law says large airborne fireworks must be taken out state and set off within two or three days its purchase.

In Michigan, things are different.

"In Michigan we can sell all of the same things. However you can set anything off the day of, before and after any federal holiday. So that would be memorial day, mother's day, fathers day, labor day," Strahan said.

One Ohio resident stopped in to pick up lanterns. She says she thinks Michigan's laws make more sense.

"It just seems a little bit more looser up here. People just kind of know what you need to do to be safe. So, they're trusted to be safe. I think that's what they do," said Kelly Lozar an Ohio resident.

Even if Ohioans can't set of the bigger fireworks at home, they'll still bring a lot of business to Uncle Louie's Fireworks.

Strahan said no matter what type of fireworks someone is using it's always important to be careful and safe.

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