Thousands of dollars stolen from Girl Scouts in Toledo

Thousands of dollars stolen from Girl Scouts in Toledo

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It's hard to think of anyone stealing from the Girl Scouts, but that's what Toledo Police are investigating. Police say thousands of dollars worth a cookies were sold without anyone turning in the money.

A TPD report said six suspects didn't turn in their cookie money and they are being investigated as felony cases.

Every year, irresistible girl scout cookies come in by the box full and are organized and delivered to hungry customers. But a criminal report shows that thousands of dollars, believed to be around $4,000, was not turned in to local Girl Scout troops.

"We try all means to reach out and connect and to keep those lines of communication open," said the Girl Scouts of Western Ohio product sales manager Katie Maskey.

But all of those means have been exhausted and the cases were turned over to prosecutors. The money pays for activities the girls love like horseback riding or summer camps.

"It's kind of devastating really because nobody wants to hear that. Girl Scouts is an honor system and you instill in these girls values and morals and responsibility," said Toledo troop leader Carrie Burk.

The Girl Scout council will cover the loss so no activities will be canceled. And prosecutors will go after the parents or caregivers, not the juveniles, because adults sign a contract to sell the cookies.

"The girls that maybe their family is involved in this at all, they are not affected. They still earn their rewards," Maskey said.

"You know, families may go through hard times. You don't know, but you need to be responsible for that," Burk added.

Maskey said the thefts are a very small part of all of the good people involved in the fundraiser.

"We have thousands of girls that sell cookies and parents that are wonderful and volunteers that are great to work with," she said.

The Girl Scouts are already getting ready for next year's cookie sales, which start in January. Girls sold more than 822,000 boxes in the Toledo region this year.

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