Attorneys argue several motions in James Worley case

Attorneys argue several motions in James Worley case
James Dean Worley (Source: Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio (CCNO))

FULTON COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - It's nearly been a year since Sierah Joughin went missing while on a bike ride. Three days later her body was found in a shallow grave.

The man who Joughin's family believes to be the last person she saw before she died appeared in court Thursday.

James Worley was brought into the courtroom without handcuffs and wore regular street clothes. Joughin's family were in the courtroom as well and sat just feet away from Worley. No emotion was seen from them but they were seen taking notes on what was being discussed.

A total of 58 motions that have filed in the case so far, were the reasons for argument in the hearing.

"Some of these motions to a certain extent are warning shots over the bow of the boat so we can anticipate at the time of the trial and what issues may arise," said Judge Jeffrey Robinson.

One of the motions included the coverage of the trial by the media. The defense asked to not allow cameras in the courtroom. They also asked Worley to not be interviewed before the verdict.

"So do you want me to stop the press from forming a story and gathering information," asked Robinson.

With the case receiving already so much publicity, there is concern over choosing an impartial jury.

As a result, both sides told the judge they would like to individually interview each potential juror first before they are interviewed as a group.

The judge ruled on several motions during the hearing but has several rulings to still deliver after hearing arguments from both sides.

The trial is set to begin in January 2018. Jury selection is expected to last about week and the trial is expected to last around two weeks.

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