Former caretakers face charges in patient's death

Former caretakers face charges in patient's death
(Source: WTOL)

Three former caregivers are facing felony charges after police say they are responsible disabled woman's death.

According to police, three years ago Barbara Bell, Tasha Pittman and Sherria Allison were watching over 48-year-old Firsdon at her condo and fed her cubed potatoes. Firsdon was unable to swallow the potatoes due to her medical condition and died.

Since Firsdon's death, her sister Sandi Arredondo has been fighting relentlessly to ensure the caretakers would be held responsible for their alleged neglect.

"Brenda can't speak for herself and Brenda is not here. And Brenda could not speak for herself when she was here," said Arredondo. "And I feel she was taken advantage of and something needs to happen so that this type of thing doesn't happen to others."

The three caretakers each face one charge of patient endangerment, a third degree felony. If found guilty, they could face up to five years in prison.

The caretakers will have their first court appearance at the end of June.

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