Trailers stolen from Michigan used in Findlay theft

Trailers stolen from Michigan used in Findlay theft

BEDFORD TOWNSHIP, MI (WTOL) - Breaking in, in the middle of the night. Being caught on camera and getting away with thousands of dollars in trailers. The owner of this local business says he's had enough.

"They did catch about 70 trailers stolen in the Findlay area with the gang," said John Adams, owner of John's Trailer Sales in Bedford Township. "They
found a bunch of the trailers and they called us up."

Police called Adams because two of the trailers stolen from his business were used to steal more than a dozen motorcycles and ATVs from a Findlay dealership.

Adams said he's never seen theft like this before.

"Broken into twice," Adams said. "Trailers stolen. We've got them on film. They're taking their time, four to five hours stealing trailers. We're not really getting a lot of response. A little bit of investigation from the police department but nothing drastic like can we stop this. Can we find out who the gangs are that are stealing them."

Adams said Ohio's requirements are looser than Michigan's. In Ohio, you don't have to title a trailer unless it weighs more than 4,000 pounds. If you are a Michigan resident get your trailer titled that way if it does get stolen you have a way to track it.

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