BG Splash Pad gets new addition in memory of lost local baby

BG Splash Pad gets new addition in memory of lost local baby

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - One Bowling Green family experienced a great loss last April after their 10-week-old baby, Clara, died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

"To lose her and have to explain that to a 6 year old," said Clara's Mom, Leah Pekarik.

"I miss my sister", said Bobby, Clara's older brother.

Clara's older brother Bobby asked for her the Christmas before, only to deal with her loss less than three months later.

"I wanted somebody to play with", said Bobby.

With the family and community reeling, an idea came to expand the splash pad at the city pool, with one creature in memory of Clara. Whenever Bobby comes to the pool now, he has a little frog he can play with to remind him of his little sister.

"She'd be about that size, she'd be about that cuteness and everything else and so when the project came to me I was like, let's do this, that's an outlet for us", said Pekarik.

Money poured in from neighbors, along with a couple gr ants. The area got a makeover, and, Wednesday, Bobby got to cut the ribbon.

"She's not so physically gone. To be able to see her is a great day, it's a beautiful day, I know she made the sun shine after all", said Pekarik.

Although this won't bring Clara back, her family wants everyone to be able to enjoy the light she brought to their lives.

"It's another step forward, every day is another step towards getting to see her again", said Pekarik.

The splash pad is now open to the public.

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