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Hancock County one of 18 in Ohio to lose all ACA Individual coverage

(Source: Twitter @ViaVoxDotCom) (Source: Twitter @ViaVoxDotCom)

Anyone signed up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act, may be out of options for coverage starting next year.

Tuesday, Anthem Blue Cross-Blue Shield announced they will no longer offer individual healthcare plans through the Affordable Care Act. 

Which means in counties like Hancock County, where Anthem was the sole ACA provider, local insurance agents are scrambling to find new options for many of their customers.

In an email sent out to insurance agents, Anthem explained due to uncertainty in future Federal regulation and profit loss over the years, they will end ACA coverage in Ohio.

That means in 2018, current projections show 20 counties in the state will not have a single option for ACA coverage plans.

Lee Hitchings in Findlay said he has been receiving calls all morning from customers who will lose their underwritten coverage with Anthem stopping coverage. Hitching said this is the first time in his 30-year-career that he won't have an option for some of his customers.

"A gentleman calls me and said' I'm probably going to have to have to go back to work.' We wrote a lot of early retirees, but then we've also written for people with medical problems where they could not work. So, this gentleman here I think has the ability to go back to work just to get medical benefits. So, I think we're probably going to see some of that." said Hitchings.

Hitchings believes alternative medical coverages through religious groups or county programs could become a viable option.

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