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Local mother shares tips on children and tick safety from own experience


The death of a toddler in Indiana following a tick bite has caused a lot of conversation throughout social media.

A local mother in the Springfield Township area had a similar scare with her own child but she wants to bring clarity to the confusion social media has stirred about the danger.

During Memorial Day weekend, Audrey Fox said she removed a tick from her youngest son Eric. Fox says everything was normal until about 10 days later.

"He developed a fever. That fever turned into joint pain and a rash all over his body, and would prove to be Rocky Mountain spotted fever," said Fox.

Rocky Mountain spotted fever is a rare infection transmitted by ticks. Fortunately, doctors caught the infection in time however Eric still spent five days in the ER recovering. Since the scare, Eric hasn’t had any complications.

As a result of the incident, Fox has learned how an infection is transmitted and that it is important to stay vigilant if a tick burrow has been found on anyone. She advises to mark the day the tick burrow was found and to stay alert for any signs of fever or rash in the upcoming weeks.

Last but not least, Fox advises that if a tick is spotted stay calm. She hopes son’s story will ease the minds of worried parents. 

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