Postal Service abruptly stops mail delivery in Toledo neighborhood

Postal Service abruptly stops mail delivery in Toledo neighborhood

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - What if your mailman didn't deliver to your house for four straight days? That's what some west Toledo homeowners are dealing with.

The reason why, is getting a lot of attention locally.

It may be only one block of Revere Drive but it affects dozens of homes, starting at Berdan and extending to Hillcrest Avenue. Neighbors say the Postal Service never told them what was going on.

Cindy Schafer goes to her mailbox every day to see what arrived, but it has been empty since Saturday.

"Hey, I think I'm expecting a certain bill, which I was. And it's one that, most bills you get time to pay. This one comes and they want it in five days," Schafer said.

She went to the post office on West Sylvania Avenue and said they told her mail delivery was on hold because of a safety issue with the postal carrier. She and her neighbors would have to pick up their mail there until further notice.

"I know it's for the safety of us and them but it's frustrating," Schafer said.

Bob Richards has lived on Revere for more than 30 years but has never seen a mail mystery like this.

"It's a nice area and all the neighbors are friendly and everybody gets along. And everybody helps out everybody," Richards said.

A Postal Service spokesman in Cleveland said the local postal management temporarily stopped mail delivery in response to alleged suspicious activity, but he said he was unable to be more specific.

"That's not really normal for this area so the only thing that tells me is that they're having some kind of a problem that maybe they didn't really want to get into," Richards added.

Toledo Police did not know of any recent crimes there.

By late afternoon, the postal service had good news for the neighbors, saying mail delivery will start back up again tomorrow without offering any new details.

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