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Money Talks News: Booking a flight for your pet

(Source: WTOL) (Source: WTOL)
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Parting ways with our pets when we travel is even harder now.

Carrying pets on planes will now cost anywhere from $75 to $650 based on weight, crate, and airline. Certificates of your pet’s health and vaccinations are also required to fly your pet.

If you’re sending your pet alone pricing is based on the size, weight, and distance the animal travels. If you’re traveling with your pet its carrier counts as your carry-on bag.

Not only is pricing adjusted, but temperatures either above 85 degrees or below 45 all come into play on whether your pet can fly.

Next time you plan on flying with a pet make sure to book your flight early to sniff out the best deal. 

For more information on booking flights for your pet, head to the Money Talks News website and search for "Pets."

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