Toledo is searching for funds to keep public pools open

Toledo is searching for funds to keep public pools open

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - With 90 degree temperatures on the rise, Toledo is looking to open up the city's pools so kids can cool off.

The question now is will the money needed to keep the pools open be there in time for the summer season? This comes as Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson said the city just found $6 million.

A total of $120,000 is needed to keep all Toledo pools and the splash pad open until August. The money will be allocated to taking care of staff and maintenance until August 5.

City leaders are working towards getting more funds for the pools which isn't out of the ordinary for them around this time of year.

"Mostly because a lot of people don't think about making donations to support the pools in the middle of the winter and they kind of start thinking about it when it gets  little bit warmer and thinking about providing those opportunities for children," said Janet Schroeder, the City of Toledo Public Information Officer.

Anyone interested in donating to help keep the pools open are encouraged to contact the mayor's officer.

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