Walk and talk with the mayor creates accessibility for residents

Walk and talk with the mayor creates accessibility for residents

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo's Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson is walking the walk and talking the talk. She's doing it with community members in area parks for the walk and talk program.

Tuesday, Mayor Hicks-Hudson walked 1.3 miles while residents could make their voices heard.

Residents laced up their tennis shoes for the fifth walk and talk with Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson Tuesday. They say it was great to have access to the mayor.

"It opened things up real nicely and just enabled us to have a real frank conversation," said Kurtis Alexander, a Toledo Resident.

Kurtis is hoping to open a business in Toledo and said he got a lot of questions answered while walking with the mayor.

"I'd be interested in starting up my own company and things like that so she gave me contacts and things like that on who to talk to in order to go in that direction," said Alexander.

Jannell Ector brought her son Josiah and together they spoke with the mayor on a number of things, from what it's like to be mayor to questions about crime initiatives and even the city pools.

Jannell said she walked away with a better understanding of why the city makes the choices they do.

"It makes me want to come out and ask more questions," said Ector. "To me it definitely lets you see her side of things. She gave us kind of a bit of an idea about the decisions she makes and why they have to be made and budget cuts things like that and why some programs went away. That's important for citizens to know, no one just took it away arbitrarily. Sometimes you need to come out and find the real reasons why."

Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson says she takes these conversations with her to work on Wednesday morning to make the city a better place for those living here.

"It all helps to redirect and to refocus the things that I think are important," explained Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson. "Safe neighborhoods, development, job growth, keeping the water clean all of those things are important they are still in people's minds and we have those kinds of conversations."

The mayor wants to hear from you. The next walk and talk will be at Ottawa Park next Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. rain or shine.

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