BG officials consider making homeowners pay for trash pickup

BG officials consider making homeowners pay for trash pickup

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - The city of Bowling Green is facing a $800,000 deficit for its general fund. City council members say this is because of decreased funding from the state.

Three options are on the table to make up this money.

  1. Charging for tree removal, which would still fall a half a million dollars short, totaling only $300,000
  2. Charging for trash pickup.
  3. Taking money from water and sewer, and putting it in the general fund.

The final proposal would cause everyone to pay a little extra for water.

City Councilwoman Sandy Rowland says she thinks it is the most fair because everyone uses the water. But, she says there is a drawback.

"The thing about that is it has to go on the ballot and be voted on by our residents," Councilwoman Rowland said. "And it could be a complex issue."

An easier option without a vote needed and would save almost exactly the amount they need is charging for trash pickup. Neighbors do pay for their trash, as a part of their income tax.

"The change would be either privatizing the service or the city continuing to do so for a charge," City Administrator Joe Fawcett said.

The average resident would be charged is $12 to $13 for pickup. According to city council, residents are surprisingly positive about it.

Although $12 a month isn't ideal, residents have been surprisingly positive about it.

"They've told us they would gladly pay a fee to have rubbish pickup, if our city continued to pick it up," Councilwoman Rowland said.

This trash pickup fee would only impact residents who have the city pick up their trash. Apartments or businesses would not see a change.

"Private homeowners would be paying the burden, they've done nothing wrong," Councilwoman Rowland said. "We don't want to cause any retribution for them, they haven't done anything wrong, it's the state that has done something wrong."

The city will likely make a final decision on June 19.

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