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New developments in Call 11 For Action team's battle with National Memorial Stone


There are several major developments on a monument company that has been ripping off its customers. The company’s buildings are under foreclosure and some gravestones were hauled away.

The Call 11 For Action team has been advocating for customers of National Memorial Stone for years, but we were surprised with what happened last Friday.

There was a confrontation in front of the National Memorial Stone office in Findlay.

“I'm not yelling at you. I'm just asking, man,” said Michelle Thompson.

Thompson was trying to find out what happened to the headstone she paid almost $1,600 for, to remember her late brother, Brett Wiseman.

National Memorial Stone never delivered it to Knollcrest Cemetery in Arcadia.

However, on Friday, two trucks pulled in and three men got out. One man, Andy Sievert, told Thompson he was taking headstones out of the Findlay building.

“For who?” Thompson asked.

“For my company, because he owes us money,” Sievert responded.

Sievert said he works for Felzer and Urban Monument Works in Toledo.

He says he can never get a hold of Rich Daily, the owner of National Memorial Stone. It’s the same problem the Call 11 For Action team has been having. Daily never answers his phone or returns messages.

Sievert says Daily never followed through on an agreement to give him headstones to engrave. Sievert had a key to the Findlay office and said he had the right to take away any blank headstones to recoup some of the money he lost.

When asked if it was time to hold Daily accountable, Sievert said, “I believe so. No one should be able to do this to people."

Michelle Thompson couldn't find her brother's headstone in the Findlay building and grew even more frustrated.

WTOL since learned both of National Memorial Stone's buildings are under real estate foreclosure. That includes the one in Findlay and the one on Winston Boulevard in south Toledo.

A phone number posted on both buildings leads to nothing but a voicemail.

WTOL also learned that the Ohio Attorney General's office in Columbus has 22 complaints on file against National Memorial Stone and wants other victims to contact them.

Thompson wants the weight of the state government behind her. 

“They should be able to do everything there is to do. The maximum. let's do something. If nothing can be done, at least tell us 22 people that nothing can be done,” Thompson said.

Call 11 For Action will stay on the case and will find out if the foreclosures lead to answers for customers.

Andy Sievert offered to help Michelle Thompson get a new headstone at a reduced cost.

The Attorney General’s office said it reviews all complaints filed with their office, and encourages consumers to report problems by filing a complaint.

You can do so with their Consumer Protection Section.

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