Downtown Monroe hoping to attract new business

Downtown Monroe hoping to attract new business

MONROE, MI (WTOL) - Monroe city officials say the downtown area needs more food stores, restaurants and retail shops.

To help with that, the city hired an outside group to do a market analysis of the downtown area.

"So in restaurants we're looking for several restaurants, several apparel stores and several specialty food stores," said Sharon Woods of Land Use USA.

Woods says the downtown area is very attractive for small business owners or those who are "home-based" businesses.

"There may be an opportunity that we can find small amounts of space and that would accommodate a small business in the downtown," Woods explained.

The analysis also showed there's a need for more apartments in downtown. Getting people to live downtown again is something one life-long Monroe resident believes can happen in the near future.

"If we can bring more people to living in the immediate downtown area and give them a reason to stay in downtown, it would make an environment that everyone can enjoy," said Harry Reisig, Monroe resident.

He said that environment means creating more things to do.

"Everyone in the city and from surrounding communities to come and enjoy and to shop, to eat, to find recreational opportunities," Reisig explained.

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