Road rage a deadly occurrence behind the wheel

Road rage a deadly occurrence behind the wheel
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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Road rage can take blame for thousands of crashes nationwide. And with more road construction in northwest Ohio, that problem may only increase.

A crash that officials say was caused by road rage in Detroit left two people dead Saturday.

Dr. Mark Babula at Central Behavioral Healthcare says it can stem deeper than just being mad over someone not using their turn lane or not going fast enough.

"There's usually other emotions that are happening first. It may be a buildup of stress, it may be feeling challenged, it may be feeling entitled on the road," Dr. Babula said. "Maybe you just had an argument with your husband, your wife or with your best friend or a loved one. Maybe that isn't a good time for you to drive."

If drivers do feel frustrated on the road, there are a few tips from keeping that frustration turn to rage.

"Pause, if you can, taking a few deep breathes," Dr. Babula said. "If you're really feeling overwhelmed, this is just a strong sudden emotion, if there's any chance to pull over and take a break go ahead and do that."

If road rage happens often, Dr. Babula advises that you seek treatment to find out why you are so angry.

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