Northview students win national science and math competition

Northview students win national science and math competition

SYLVANIA, OH (WTOL) - Five Local high school students brought home the top prize at the 'STEMnauts' competition last week.

Texas Instruments partnered with NASA to challenge the minds of high school and middle school students across the country.

John Eckhart, a teacher said, "When I find a competition like this that pushes upper end students, they're engaged in it, I'm engaged in it, and I think that sets it apart from normal classroom teaching."

The students received points by solving challenging puzzles and word problems that left the group awake throughout the night.

Eckhart said after phone calls and emails with NASA debating the submission deadline of the last problem, the students were declared the winners of the competition.

For winning, the high school will receive five new calculators, a $500 amazon gift card and an opportunity to interview a current NASA astronaut.

The competition ended May 31, with a total of 1,100 teams in a six-week competition.

Alexa DeVore contributed to this report.

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