Bedford Twp. plans $11 million update to sewer water treatment plant

Bedford Twp. plans $11 million update to sewer water treatment plant

BEDFORD TOWNSHIP, MI (WTOL) - The Bedford sewer water treatment plant is beginning the process of updating their equipment and chemicals.

"Instead of waiting until it goes boom, we are going to fix it now," said Monroe County Drain Commissioner David Thompson.

The project will carry an $11 million price tag.

They will replace equipment that is more than 35-years-old. They will also cease using chemicals like chlorine to treat the water.

"In its last step before it goes into Indian creek and we will changing to ultra violet which is much safer and more environmentally friendly," said Thompson.

A state loan and money saved by the county will pay for the project.

"We've been putting money aside for this project," Thompson explained. "So we have $3 million saved. We're going to borrow about 11.1 million that's the hope."

Township residents will see a roughly 15 percent increase in their quarterly sewer disposal bill starting in 2018.

"We are replacing this equipment as cost effectively as possible to ensure that we are properly protecting the environment and the citizens of Bedford Township that use this waste water treatment plant," Thompson said.

All are welcome to the community public hearing on Thursday at 6 p.m. at the Bedford Township Government Center.

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