New restaurant set to open in vacant Forrester's site at the Docks

New restaurant set to open in vacant Forrester's site at the Docks

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - You have probably heard this before: A new restaurant is about to open up and revive The Docks in east Toledo.

It is a prime spot along the Maumee River, with a growing downtown just across the way. But restaurant after restaurant has left the popular spot at the Docks.

The Navy Bistro closed. Then Admiral's opened here in 2011 only to shut its doors 18 months later. Then, Forrester's On The River opened in late 2012 but closed unexpectedly in 2015.

The owner of the newest restaurant says this time will be different.

"We just couldn't pass up on this location," said Rossi Penney, the owner of Pier 7, which will open on or before July 4th.

Penney has been working with Scott Prephan from Five Lakes Global Realty to get the property ready.

Penney is a former University of Toledo student lives in Perrysburg and also has restaurants in Port Clinton and Cleveland.

"If you have hospitality and you have entertainment and you provide a product at a fair price, that has never not worked," Penny said. "So you know I've done four openings in the past 18 months. They're all doing great."

Pier 7 will feature prime burgers and steaks, a vintage arcade, a pool table in a private event room, an inside bar and two additional cabana bars outside.

Joella Simmons said it is time for The Docks to have new life on this corner.

"Yeah, I think this is a great idea to have another activity. Kind of like Dave & Buster's or Bar 145 that will actually have activities which bring more people in, so give you a little bit more to do," she said.

There will also be up to 12 spots to dock your boat.

"We want to upscale the late night in Toledo and we want to have fun doing it," Penney said.

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