Boy with cerebral palsy granted special birthday wish

Boy with cerebral palsy granted special birthday wish

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - In a world that seems like it's always filled with bad news, it's nice to hear something good for a change.

Jason Mason, 16, has lived with cerebral palsy his entire life.

His mother, Julie Mason, and stepfather Bobby Mason wanted to do something special for Jason's birthday.

Jason loves the loud sounds of motorcycles and muscle cars.

"It's just the loudness, it really excites him. With cerebral palsy, it's kind of hard to explain, anything with lights, loud noises, he really gets a big kick out of," said Bobby. "It put in on Facebook on Sunday night, just something that we can do small for his birthday."

With a little help, Jason got a very special birthday.

"I guess he loves hot rods, motorcycles, anything to do with that, so we're here to help him out," said Big Ray of Brotherhood of Bikers.

The riders from Brotherhood of Bikers took their bikes to go meet Jason, and even got him a shirt.

Others from the community also came together for Jason's birthday.

"I'm here because Jason has been by student for quite a long time," said Cindy Billmaier, Jason's teacher. "He's such a good little man and today's his 16th birthday and I'm just overwhelmed to be a part of this."

Jason's cousin Dean Pridemore said Jason has had a rough life and that he deserved something special for his birthday.

"It means a lot to make somebody happy, especially a child like that who's been in a wheelchair all of his life."

Stepfather Bobby knew that this would be the perfect surprise.

"This is going to mean so much to him, he's going to be so excited," Bobby said. "As we ride through, he'll be sitting at the end of the driveway waiting."

Billmaier said it was amazing to see how many people turned out for Jason's birthday.

"I just don't think that his mother expected this, I know that she didn't expect his kind of turnout. She's going to be floored," Billmaier said. "I feel like our community is just awesome.

Even people from all over the world to give Jason their support.

"I got a message all the way from Australia, the guy wants to send a video of his bike running just so that Jason can see it. It's reached out all over the world," Bobby said.

Jason's mother Julie thanks those who made Jason so happy.

"For the whole community to come out for my son, I'm very thankful, speechless," Julie said. "It meant the world to me. This outpour just overjoyed my heart."

The day ended with everyone singing happy birthday to Jason.

It's safe to say that this was his best birthday yet.

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