Adults, teens both guilty of texting while driving, but can it be stopped?

Adults, teens both guilty of texting while driving, but can it be stopped?

Defiance County (WTOL) - You're driving, you hear your phone go off and you take our eyes off the road to see who it is.

But in just a second, your entire life can change just from looking at your phone.

"If you happen to take that wrong text at the wrong time or take that phone call at the wrong time you may not be able to take that phone for the next 3 to 4 months, or worse, never again if you end up in a fatal crash," said Lieutenant Robert J. Ashenfelter, Ohio State Highway Patrol, Defiance Post Commander.

That's exactly why this law is so important and officers are actively pursuing the guilty.

While the primary enforcement is directed towards ages 18 and under, officers can pull drivers over that are over 18 too, if they're being stopped for breaking another driving law.

"Whether they're e-mailing, texting, watching live video, anything along that line, people are regularly doing it and we wish they'd stop," said Lt. Ashenfelter.

Drivers under the age of 18 caught texting, or using their phone at all, can be fined $150 and a six month license suspension.

Anyone over 18 can also be fined up to $150.

"It doesn't make a difference if you're a teen driver or an adult, everybody appears to be using it quite equally," said Lt. Ashenfelter.

But is it working?

"I don't think so. Kids will figure out a way to be able to avoid it. Cops will constantly have to be looking into cars. Maybe at red lights they'll be able to get kids but that's about it," said Phillip Talkington, from Ida Township

Whether it works or not, the fact of the matter is texting, and any other form of distracted driving can be detrimental. In a nutshell, that text or phone call should always wait.

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