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Local bicyclist resumes ride around the perimeter of the United States

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Alan Thompson is leaving his Sylvania Township home this weekend and hitting the road. He is resuming his incredible journey of bicycling around the perimeter of the United States.

Thompson started his 9,000 mile trip on the bike he calls Floyd in August, 2015.

 Along the way two things became apparent to him.

“The beauty of the country and the greatness of the people stood out,” said Thompson

The only bump in the road was the day he and Floyd were hit by a car in the Mohave Desert. He was okay but Floyd was nearly totaled.

“Luckily in Arizona I had a disabled veteran pay for the entire $1,000 bill anonymously.”

But 9 months in, Thompson realized his calculations were off.The U.S. perimeter is closer to 12,000 miles long.

He returned home the following May, worn out but committed to someday complete the trip.

Thompson and Floyd start Sunday in Portland, Oregon and plan to return home 3,000 miles and three months later.

His motivation: he’s raising money for Habitat for Humanity and Save the Children.

The goal is $40,000. Thanks to donations on his web site he has already hit $30,000/

“I guess what I’ve learned is that even at 67 years old you can still get out there and be active and keep going. Important thing is not to sit down. Keep on cycling,”  And use the peddle power of Floyd the bicycle to help two deserving organizations.

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